What to expect

I work with clients both in-person and online. During this corona time, I am working 100% online with clients, and will return to working in-person once covid vaccines are released and risks of contagion reduced.

In both cases, the work starts with an initial consultation. We will discuss the issues that you want to address, and I will take a short physical history (for example, chronic ailments, operations, current physical symptoms) and will undertake a foot assessment. How a person is in their body can be seen in their feet, along with their basic potential for life. From here, I can start to develop a clear learning strategy, and this will inform the learning process on which we embark.

The sessions that follow will be primarily focused on body work. The session will open with a short conversation to hear from you about what you have experienced since the previous session with respect to both physical symptoms and daily life in relation to your aim for the process. Then we will turn to your body. Working face to face, you will usually lie on a massage table and I will use touch and verbal guidance to bring your attention to key areas of your body that call for attention. Working online, I invite you to make a clear space on the floor, perhaps on a yoga mat if you have one, and to lie there and follow my verbal guidance with respect to your breath, attention, movement of specific areas and sometimes your touch to bring awareness or gentle pressure to an area. In both cases, loose clothing should be worn, loose enough that you can experience your body from the inside out. I advise that you do not eat for at least two hours before a session, so that your body is not absorbed in digestion.

My goal is to bring your attention to different areas of your body, according to your body’s history and needs. It may be that you have excess tension in your shoulders, and weakness in your lower back, for example. Or that you have chronic pain in your stomach that medical professionals have not been able to resolve. Or that you experience anxiety. Perhaps you want more confidence and clarity. In each case, I will help you to explore these aspects by working through your body. Breathing will be expanded, as this brings energy and vitality to the body, and clears the mind, strengthening the body-mind relationship.

After focusing on the body, I will leave you to rest quietly for five to seven minutes, simply noticing sensations and allowing what ever arises to arise. This time is key to allow your body to work, to integrate the new experiences and allow energy to find the new pathways that will enable change you seek.

After each session I will suggest short training exercises to be undertaken daily, for a maximum of 15 minutes, according to the your specific needs and response to the work. The aim of these exercises is to increase your body attention in a specific area, or to strengthen certain qualities. My goal is to integrate these into your daily life, not they they become yet another thing that you should do…

Once you have re-gained levels of body attention and vitality, we focus on the specific patterns that you want to stop. By learning how these are created in your body, you can learn to stop them, and allow energy to flow more freely in your body. This creates new neural and energy pathways, allowing more choice in situations, rather than repeating the stuck old habits and ways of being. And then rather than being caught in these again and overwhelmed by them, controlled by them, you will learn to recognise the early signs of the pattern arising in your body and how to prevent the pattern from taking hold. This is what it means to gain freedom and choice, to have more energy and clarity.

I recommend an initial series of six to eight weekly or twice weekly sessions which focus on a specific goal that you want to achieve. For some people, this is enough. For others, it is the start of a more extended learning process to re-gain their body attention, release the old patterns of behaviours that limit them and find more energy and freedom.