Introducing the Grinberg Method

We start life as a potential that wishes to be fulfilled. We meet fear, pain and other intensities throughout our life, and are taught to avoid these experiences, and this distances us from our potential.

In today’s society and culture, we are influenced and trained from the day we are born to move our attention to our mind, and to handle in a specific repetitive way the struggles we meet as modern human beings.

Over the years, we create patterns that are imprinted in our body, feelings, thoughts and behavior. They limit us: they limit our dreams and achievements, our well-being, joy and contentment in everyday life.

Much of our suffering is the conflict between our individual potential and the patterns that chain it. The Grinberg Method teaches how patterns can be stopped by actively and simply stopping what limits us and fulfill more of their potential.

The Method was founded by Avi Grinberg thirty years ago. His realisation that to live is to perceive came at the age of 16 with the practice of Zen meditation. This was the start of a rich journey to broaden his theoretical and practical knowledge in different places in the world, with Shamans, psychotherapists, and teachers of healing, touch and attention approaches. His aim was to learn how to regain the natural attention and energy we were born with, so we can maximize the fulfillment of our potential in the way we live our life.

This, together with the understanding that people can learn to restore their body’s natural ability to heal itself, culminated in the development of the Grinberg Method. The methodology’s focus is on teaching individuals how to achieve the conditions that will let their body heal in the best way possible – allowing them to cope better with their life’s challenges, achieving greater health and well being.