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Feedback from two clients:

“I wanted to change my sense of powerlessness around certain women, feeling pushed out and unable to respond. I do feel that having the sessions with you is helping me to be more aware of feelings and areas of tension and tending to them gently. It’s a very subtle thing but I do feel more centered in myself  – and less bothered and a little more courageous with the difficult women in my life.

I have learnt to take good notice of what is going on in my body – to feel it and be there for it. Learning that it does go and that I feel more centered after. I am feeling more able to stand my ground. The most powerful moment was when I was my 6-ish year old in my body – that I really felt the anxiety and confusion of my childhood. I felt then I had reclaimed a part of my self.”


“I have been seeing Alison for the past half year, and the sessions have offered me a new way to experience life. By working through the body, Alison has helped me experience my true, unconstrained self, in ways I have never felt before. Depending what we worked on, I would feel light, relaxed, self-assured, clear in my thoughts, or emotionally balanced. I could feel less bodily or emotional pain, stronger boundaries or simply more funny, all of which helped me ride one of the most challenging periods in my life. As an academic, I am used to spend most of my time ‘in my head’, so it was eye-opening to realize that mental and behavioral patterns are stored in the body, and can be unlocked through touch. Grinberg has worked better for me than any other kind of therapy, and I could feel it already from the first session. Ultimately, you can only understand once you experience it!

Just before the year turns, I wanted to take the time to thank you for bringing magic to my body, and my life! Our sessions have been one of the reasons I feel I have stayed up to the challenge of this year and made my best of it. More than that, thanks to you I experienced glimpses of my true, unconstrained self, like I seldom did in my life. I treasure these moments and feel excited for more of those to come! And thank you for your contagious enthusiasm, too!”


If you would like to experience this kind of change for yourself, do contact me. The initial consultation session is free of charge and includes an opportunity to experience a small dose of the work, so that you can see if it will suit you.

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