About my work

It all starts with wanting to live more fully, without stress, pain or anxiety, depression, tension or frustration, anger, irritation or blaming: whatever it is that seems to be your individual and habitual way of responding to the challenges you face.

I work with people who want to change something in their life. It could be something physical, such as a chronic pain that never goes away. Or it could be a way of behaving in situations that prevents them from living as they want, or a recurring mood that limits them or makes them unhappy, unable to pursue their goals or be satisfied with what they accomplish, or a set of repetitive thoughts that are self-limiting. Perhaps you find it difficult to maintain a sense of purpose, energy or the motivation to achieve something?

What each of these conditions has in common – whether physical, behavioural, emotional or mental – is automatic repetition. Each of these are symptoms of patterns of tension held automatically in your body, learnt in childhood as adaptive strategies to deal with challenging situations, and now repeated, completely out of awareness. You don’t choose to have these, and now these patterns are controlling you, and limiting your life.

The good news is that you can learn to stop these patterns, by increasing your levels of body awareness, learning how you are actually creating the pattern that you don’t want, learning to stop all the effort used and letting your body move and lead, rather than being controlled by your old patterns of muscle and thought. This moment of realisation, when you discover that you are actually creating the very conditions that you don’t want to experience, is such an empowering one. With this, you can bring about real and sustained change in your life.

I partner with individuals to enable them to realise their potential by removing obstacles, such as moods, patterns of behaviour, beliefs, that get in the way of achieving their dreams and goals and by strengthening the qualities that will assist them in creating the life they want, such as increased confidence, motivation, perception and energy.

Our individual nervous and muscular systems hold a unique set of automatic patterns of tension and collapse. These were learnt usually in childhood and no longer serve us, yet shape our life today by maintaining our stuck ways of thinking, feeling and acting in challenging situations. We are not aware of these patterns, such is the power of their automatic nature.

By bringing attention to these and how they are held in the body, I teach people to stop these patterns, enabling them to live freely in the here and now and enjoy their embodied life.