About me

I am living proof that the Grinberg Method works! In becoming an active student and practitioner of the methodology, I moved away from a career in the corporate sector to establish my independent somatic coaching practice and have worked face to face with clients in London, Oxford and York and more recently online inToronto, Istanbul and Berlin to help them achieve changes they want in their lives. I have also recently moved from London to country life in Yorkshire and will start at art college on a part-time basis later this year. These are all long held dreams, and through the Grinberg Method, I have been able to make them happen.

I worked in the corporate sector for many years, firstly by working as a management consultant to help companies to transform their strategies and operations, and then with a global professional services firm and supporting growth, through a focus on leadership and organisation development. You can find out more about my career here.

Throughout these early stages of my professional life, I was curious about alternative healing methods, such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, chinese medicine, tai chi and qi gung, herbal medicine, homeopathy, so much that I participated in a year long course with Neal’s Yard Remedies at the Chelsea Physic Garden, meeting each month to dive into these subjects with expert teachers.

Wanting to learn more about the psychological approaches to healing, I undertook two years of psychotherapy training with the Bowlby Centre in London, and followed this with studies in Jungian analysis and Zen meditation.

It was at this time that I was introduced to the Grinberg Method and worked with a practitioner as a client. Through this work, I had the personal realisation that I needed to learn to be a body again, and not a mind on legs, and that doing so could bring the kind of changes that I wanted in my life. I was so impressed with the results, that I trained in this way of working, rather than continue with psychotherapist training.

I participated in three-years of professional training from 2015 – 2018 to become a Grinberg Method practitioner, first in Berlin and then in Vienna and continue to work with a Vienna-based supervisor. From 2020 onwards, I have participated with an international group of practitioners to develop the Grinberg Method online. I have continued to learn about the neuroscience to which I was first exposed during the infant development aspects of my Bowlby Centre studies. I have also undertaken professional development through workshops with Merete Holm Brantbjerg focused on her MOAIKU approach to healing trauma by working at the psychomotor level and developing resources in the body.

Working with clients in private practice and enabling them to free themselves by working with their capacity for body attention draws on the different stages of my career and experience. By raising their body attention, an individual is truly empowered to find their resources and with these to find their way in their life and to experience it more fully, more richly. To see light shine in someone’s eyes, more clarity in their perception, grounded confidence in themselves and the will and energy to live fully in a way that is meaningful for them is good work!