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  • Being a body opens us to a full and rich life

    We are bodies and need to acknowledge this and live as bodies; being a body opens us to a full and rich life The mind and body are one but we have been brought up to treat them as two, and with the mind in the driving seat.  We can work with the mind to […]

  • Leaning into pain

    Pain is a gateway to bring our attention to our body and change what is not healthy into something that is Pain is a part of life. We cannot live fully without experiencing emotional and physical pain yet our culture socialises us to expect to live without pain, and does not equip us to lean […]

  • Breath is a source of energy

    A body needs a high level of energy to be fully alive and fulfill its potential and this energy comes primarily through effective breathing Breathing is one of the most important functions of the body yet it is an activity that most people do ineffectively and this contributes to their lack of well-being Reduced breathing […]

  • Fear wakes us up

    Fear is a gift that wakes us up and cleans us out, allowing us to live fully in the moment and giving meaning to our life Fear is a natural, physical flow of energy in the body Fear of fear prevents us from using this energy as a resource When we allow fear, we can […]